A boutique law firm specializing in workplace investigations

Transparency + trustworthy investigations + accountability are critical components of a safe, ethical, and inclusive workplace culture.

Our attorney investigators are experienced and are leaders in the industry. We conduct prompt, thorough, and fair investigations of the most challenging and complex workplace issues.

We help employers build workplace cultures of accountability. As consultants, we offer a comprehensive approach to building better cultures: we provide post-investigation advice, implement remedies, and monitor results. We empower and provide support to internal investigators so that in-house investigations are balanced, reliable, and consistent with best practices.

Our Services


Investigator Training & Development

We implement our proven Investigations System and provide ongoing, dedicated legal support to internal investigative teams



We dispatch trained attorney-investigators to clients on an as needed basis


Building Cultures of

We conduct audits and provide consultative services focused on best practices for adeptly preventing and managing discrimination, harassment, and other employee misconduct.

Our tools, training, resources, and legal advice support and bolster your investigative teams,
and your internal investigations function.

About Tribu

Tribu’s founder, Beth Gramigna, is an employment lawyer, workplace investigator, and innovator with decades of experience in the field of workplace investigations.  Tribu reflects a conviction that adept and fair investigations, trusted complaint-mechanisms, and consistent accountability are critical components of a productive, inclusive, and positive workplace culture.

Our Clients

Tribu serves a range of sophisticated clients, from Fortune 100 and 500 companies with mature investigative teams to growth companies that endeavor to establish or enhance their investigative infrastructure. We partner with leaders across functions — Legal, Compliance, Human Resources, Employee Relations, and Security — dedicated to bettering the workplace and mitigating liability by preventing and expertly managing a wide array of workplace misconduct.