Whether you’ve completed a workplace investigation or are looking to refine your company culture, Tribu Partners’ customized programs, coaching, and training can help you reduce liability and build resilient, inclusive workplace cultures that increase employee engagement, decrease turnover, and boost productivity.

Repairing Workplace Issues

Our workplace coaches and trainers offer forward-thinking, research-based solutions designed to remediate systemic or discrete issues and prevent future misconduct.

Empowering Organizations Post-Investigation

Our proven post-investigation methodology combines decades of employment law and HR experience. Following a workplace investigation, we work with organizations to make tangible changes that result in a more inclusive workplace culture. Our approach includes four phases and can be customized to your unique needs:

  • Analyze: Review the workplace investigation report or analyze current issues and discuss goals and obstacles with management.
  • Recommend: Develop a strategy and step-by-step plan to help employers address existing issues and prevent future misconduct.
  • Implement: Partner with clients to effectively implement the agreed-upon plan utilizing mediation, leadership coaching, manager training, protocol and process updates, team building, ombuds programs, or task forces.
  • Follow-up: Establish regular check-ins to monitor progress, answer questions, and optimize programs and processes.

Assessing Workplace Cultures

Are your employees disengaged? We conduct company culture assessments and provide strategic recommendations to build an inclusive workplace culture. Our top-down approach includes:

  • Policy and protocol audit: Review existing organizational processes and protocols
    around how workplace misconduct is reported, resolved, and measured.
  • Improving workplace complaint procedures: Provide training, tools, and ongoing support to internal investigators and HR teams about workplace complaint best practices.
  • Manager and employee training: Empower managers and employees with strategies to resolve conflict, showcase leadership skills, and build inclusive workplace cultures.
  • Review and optimize: Conduct ongoing monitoring and audits of organizational practices to ensure everyone is held accountable for maintaining the new company culture.

Managing Workplace Issues During COVID-19

We offer customized solutions and training for pandemic-related employment and workplace culture issues. Our fact-finding investigations and ombuds programs help organizations analyze and promptly respond to complaints about safety, retaliation, discrimination, furlough, and other return-to-work matters. Learn more about our COVID-19 workplace solutions.