Delivering What Investigative Teams Need Today

Tribù helps employers protect their most valuable assets: high employee morale,
undisrupted productivity, and a culture that embodies a commitment to an equitable and civil workplace.


Tribù Inside

Tribù Inside provides continuous support, training, and legal advice to internal investigative teams.

The Tribù Investigations System. We train your internal investigators on the Tribù Investigations System. We have codified decades of investigative and legal experiences into directive tools and methods that skillfully guide investigative personnel through fact gathering, decision-making, analysis, and factual assessments, promoting consistent, legally-compliant investigations.

Ongoing skill and team building. As a key component of our dedicated support, we engage with your investigative teams on a quarterly basis, providing ongoing education, skill-development, and team building. Just as importantly, we work with investigative teams and their leaders to cultivate a sense of clarity and shared purpose around the investigative function and its role within the broader organization.

On-call legal advice. Our annual fee arrangements include advice and counsel as a core aspect of Tribù Inside. We partner with your Legal, Human Resources, and Compliance leaders to help guide internal investigations through on-call legal advice. We provide important, dedicated legal support to ensure that investigations meet important legal, compliance, and employee relations objectives.


Tribù on Demand

With Tribù on Demand, we assign trained attorney-investigators to conduct investigations to address clients’ specific needs. We assist clients faced with spikes in internal investigative demands or chronic shortages in internal investigators, or those challenged by allegations involving senior or executive-level management.

We regularly work with executive management, in-house counsel, outside law firms, and boards of directors to deliver reliable, objective, and well-supported findings that enable effective decision-making and problem-solving around an organization’s most sensitive and consequential issues.

  • Discrimination
  • Retaliation and whistleblowing
  • Ethical breaches, including financial impropriety
  • Abusive management and other code of conduct violations
  • Sexual harassment and hostile work environment claims
  • Assaults and threatening misconduct
  • Workgroup conflicts and disruption
  • In the university setting, Title IX violations

Tribù Review

With Tribù Review, we conduct a top to bottom, comprehensive audit of an organization’s policies and protocols, with a focus on the prevention, investigation, and resolution of complaints related to discrimination, harassment, and other employee misconduct.  We ensure that organizations comply with emerging best practices and legal requirements applicable to some of the most difficult — and damaging — behavioral concerns they can face. Tribù Review reflects our underlying ethos: protecting an organization’s culture and productivity depends on ensuring workplace civility through effective prevention and risk mitigation efforts.

Excellence, Integrity, and Community

At Tribù, we work hard to:

  • Satisfy the growing need for ongoing educational and professional development for in-house investigative and compliance teams.
  • Cultivate a sense of community, mission, and standards among in-house investigative and compliance teams, and help them clearly define their function and mission within the larger organization.
  • Support organizations, and their leaders, in building world-class investigative and compliance teams and developing an legally-compliant, ethical, productive, and positive workplace culture

Our approach to fees

At Tribù, we provide predictable, value-driven pricing. We offer many services based on a flat-fee arrangement that we annually review with clients based on delivered and perceived value. Our fee structure reflects our commitment to collaboration and our firm belief in the tangible value that we deliver.