During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been facing unprecedented employment challenges — from furloughs to new safety measures to remote work. At the same time, recent social justice movements have escalated the need for organizations to embrace diversity and build inclusive workplace cultures.

Tribu Partners offers virtual and in-person solutions for employment issues related to COVID- 19. Together, we help you rise to these challenges and create safe work environments that support all employees.

Managing COVID-19 Workplace Issues

We offer workplace investigations, training, and customized solutions for pandemic-related complaints including safety, retaliation, discrimination, furlough, and other return-to-work issues. Our fact-finding investigations help organizations analyze and promptly respond to complaints and resolve workplace conflicts.


Virtual Workplace Investigations

We offer virtual workplace investigations to help organizations investigate and resolve workplace issues while employees work from home.


Company Culture Assessments and Strategies

With all of the challenges of the last year, many employees are feeling more disconnected than ever. We conduct virtual culture assessments and implement strategies to help you improve communication, build resiliency, and live up to your company values. Our legal and HR experts work with organizations to identify underlying issues, update processes to empower employees, and build a more inclusive workplace culture for the long term.