Redefining the Training Paradigm

In a business world brimming with complexity, the call for skilled in-house investigators has never been greater. The TRIBU Workplace Investigators Masters Series is an immersive training experience, strategically designed to train and empower workplace investigators, equipping them with the answers and insights for even the most challenging investigation.


TRIBU’s Masters Series is Not a One Size Fits All Approach

We collaborate closely with every organization to tailor our training programs to your specific requirements. We get to know your company’s way of doing things, find out what your team needs to learn, speak your language, and focus on your training targets to deliver a straightforward and effective learning experience.


Empower Your Internal Investigators with Expert Training

Every session breaks down investigation procedures into clear, actionable insights through immersive, practical modules for a truly transformative learning experience. With hands-on, engaging modules, we ensure participants not only learn but also apply their knowledge effectively. This isn’t just training; it’s a complete redefinition of how your team will approach workplace investigations.


Your Investigators Will Learn From the Best

Beth Gramigna has more than three decades of experience training workplace investigations teams across the country. As faculty at the Association of Workplace Investigators, Beth has trained thousands of investigators on how to conduct sensitive, comprehensive, and unbiased workplace investigations.

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Explore Our Modules

Intake & Planning Overview

  • Mastering Information Tracking
  • Gathering Background on a Complaint
  • Planning Your Interview

The Interview

  • The Art and Science of Effective Interviews
  • The Craft of Questioning
  • Creating a Constructive Interview Environment
  • Setting the Right Tone
  • Techniques for Remote Interviews
  • Building Rapport with the Witness

Legal Frameworks

  • Maintaining the Integrity of the Investigation
  • Credibility Determinations
  • Identifying the Right Factual Questions

Information Synthesis

  • The Power of the Timeline
  • Documenting with Precision

Finalizing the Investigation

  • Report Writing Mastery
  • Subtleties of Credibility Assessment
  • Presenting Conclusions to Leadership